One sunbeam

Your love is somewhere

Like ice in the summer

The afternoon passes me by

Foundations for the next generation


Assuming this wasn’t human-planted, I find it awesome a new tree took root dead center in an old stump.

Just, you know, keep looking straight


Visited Lynn Canyon which is the other, non-tourist jammed, park with a suspension bridge over a canyon north of Vancouver. My fear of heights didn’t even engage until half way across. What a victory!

Run to the mountains


I was fortunate to have friends in the area who took me up in the mountains to this overlook of the city. The weather didn’t feel like being in a super cooperative mood but these things happen. The view was much more wonderful than the shot gave it justice. Of course coming from Flatland, I am likely easily impressed.

Canada is fun

A+ skyline would view again

Can’t give you trains; can give you planes, boats, and automobiles.

It’s not all grey